(Children) Breakfast: yoghurt with lukewarm apple compote

Yoghurt with apple compote | GourmetGuerilla.com "What, no jam toast for breakfast ?!" If you keep your forehead wrinkles Considered by my son, one might think we had just told him that we want to give away his entire toy today - or plan 2 hours of permanent hair washing. At least.

Although he was enthusiastic about the basic idea that we want to eat healthier in the new year. This is what you learn as a 5-year-old today in the day care center: "Healthy food is good for my body", I was already often presented with a professorial face. What you do not say, son. But when it comes to the concrete implementation, just this body then shows ... uhhhh ... some minor resentments. For example, in the form of forehead wrinkles and crossed arms.

My friendly assurances that it will certainly be quite delicious, of course, for the cat - because I could have said the same with the fridge. So Mama's going to work fresh, talking does not help - he has to try it himself.

While I'm busy cooking at the stove, the Honorable Mr. Son is sitting in his place at the kitchen table, practicing the aura of one To broadcast iceberg. When a delicious smell runs through the kitchen after 3 minutes, it has to thaw out. "What's that, mom ?!" - "Fresh apple compote, honey." - Pause. - "Is that for mii-hiich?" - "Yup." - "For breakfast?" - "Yes, only from apple without sugar. There is also yoghurt. "He follows curiously as I put some yogurt in a bowl and the apple compote on it. Finally, a hint of unsweetened cocoa powder is dusted ... done. He has the spoon in his hand and slips excitedly on the chair back and forth: "Great, magic compote !!!" Then he cleans. "Tasty, thank you, Mama."

Very magical, the child.

The man appears in the doorway. "What are you smelling so good about?" I think I ended up with a real breakfast popper ...

(Children) Breakfast: yoghurt with lukewarm apple compote

Here's how it works for 1 serving of breakfast:

Wash 1 apple , divide into quarters, remove the ker housing and cut into bite-sized pieces. The skin should remain steady because of fiber and vitamins. Heat 3 tablespoons of water in a small saucepan, add the pieces of apple and 1 pinch of cinnamon and stew for a few minutes with the lid closed . Stir occasionally. If the apple is extremely acidic, may be followed by 1-2 tsp maple syrup . Otherwise, the natural sweetness of the apple is enough.

Serve the apple compote on 4 tablespoons natural yoghurt (3.7%) and with 1/2 teaspoon cocoa powder ( unsweetened) In children, one should fall back on the normal fat variant of yoghurt. First, it tastes better and, secondly, children need a certain amount of fat for brain development and growth. Extra fat-reduced foods are therefore out of place - save on sugar and use the natural taste of the food.